Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening thoughts...

Something amazing occurred for me and I feel indescribably blessed by its happening.  At 32 years old, on the evening of February 25, 2011, something inside of me was awakened.  A light was lit in my darkest tunnel, and my feet broke free of the cemented ground.  The weight of the world; I lifted it off my shoulders and sat it next to me... even called it friend.  I was ungrounded for the first time ever, floating free as the winds and rolling with life just as the tides.  This discovery gave way to access points throughout "my life"... in a way it's become over whelming to my thoughts, all the distinguishments. I would never trade this way of being for the joke that was my life before and to foster further creation... I need a place.  A space to put my thoughts, my distinguishments, exhausions, laughs, quotes, beliefs, ups and downs, etc... That is here.  Congratulations... You. Are. Here. And this is me.

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