Monday, June 27, 2011

Food for Thought / Higher Intellect – Designing & Defining Your "Self"

If you could design and define yourself from scratch, what does that look like to you?

Did you know that you have complete and total control over your life?  Who you are in this world.  How you are and Who you are to the people in this world.  Even control over how you are impacted by the happenings of the world and the people around you.

At any given moment (like THIS ONE) you can mold yourself into any way of being you’d like.  We are not made of cement.  We are not bound by rules or walls or boxes or cages…. Not when it comes to who WE are as individuals.  We are not constrained by any other than ourselves, and we have complete control over even that.  So if life is not “working out the way you want it to”… I encourage you to explore some ideas.   Who cares, why up to this point it’s not worked out… none of that matters, it’s not like you can go back in time.  Only where you are going from this moment forward matters.

Come explore with me:

Make a list of the things you love about yourself. (keep pile)
Make a list of things that you know hold you back in life. (toss pile)

Without consideration of how it currently is, or lack of money or lack of energy, without consideration of the past and how things may have or may have not gone… like on a blank canvas paint these answers for yourself.  Imagine 5 years from now.. you with an amazing life, I mean AMAZING!!!! Blow the top off amazingly amazing,  incredibly happy, waking up every morning fulfilled and completely at peace with how life is!  From that space, the image of 5 years from now, answer these questions (and any others you think of) for yourself.

What does the ideal relationship look like for you?
What does the ideal job look like for you?
What does the ideal weekend look like for you?
What does your living environment look like for you?
What do you look like to / how do you occur to other people?
What would you give the world that it has a lack of?
What would ultimately define your happiness?

Now – on your canvas, looking at everything you’ve ever wanted laid out in front of you, move the canvas 4 ½ feet in front of your body.   Now, imagine turning it slightly translucent… a little more… a little more… perfect.  You can still see the outlines of what your ideal life looks like, but can also see reality as it comes toward you or you towards it, right?

In every interaction you have with the world, look at your choices for action through this translucent filter of WHO YOU WANT TO BE and have your actions correlate to those qualities you want for yourself.  When your actions correlate to what you want in the Ideal Version of You…. You become in every action what you want.  You ARE this person you want to be.  And it starts happening the very first time you correlate the action.  You will find that overnight, you’ve reached your 5 year goals in a matter of days maybe weeks.

Challenge yourself to be a role model for how you want your life to be.  Show yourself how amazing you are by being committed to having that life you want for yourself, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year.. but right here, right now, in every interaction you have.  Be committed to a life of happiness.  It’s *your* life, give that gift to yourself!

How much more will you gain from life by no longer trying to fix what doesn’t work and keeps showing up again and again?  If you will create for yourself a custom made template of your “way of being” and then wield your perception of life through that… You will begin to see what a huge role you really play in your life.  And an even bigger role, you play in your happiness.

And in a week or a year from now, when you’ve exceeded your expectations of that “ultimate happiness 5 years from now goal”… I encourage you to wipe your canvas clean and do it again!  Because LIFE is as amazing and as vast as you can imagine it to be. 

I’ll leave you with the thought I shared with a friend the other day, “Exactly what IS the brightest a star can shine?”   I say we find out.

Peace, Love & Fulfillment-

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