Friday, June 3, 2011

What is socially acceptable?

Well… everything.  If you ask me. 

If you asked Cambridge, it says “PROPER” – “showing standards of behavior that are socially and morally acceptable.”

But wait, the question is… what is Socially Acceptable?  This is not a morality question.   Mustard on French Fries, where’s that stand in morality?  The statement is inherently flawed, because it’s made up.  The statement itself is an example of its name.

Here’s where I’m going with this….  

One day 10 white hair people sat around talking and one person said out loud “I want to dye my hair red”, and all the white haired people laughed then turned their cheek at this person and thought them insane, like blasphemy.  Embarrassed, this person laughed and retreated from their desire to express, by saying it was just in jest.  Dying hair red became not socially acceptable.  The white haired people left the gathering and mentioned the absurdity of red hair to other white haired people and thus reinforced the view, the collective agreement, that red hair was not “socially acceptable”.

One day 10 white hair people sat around talking and one person said out loud “I saw a rose this morning and couldn’t help but be taken by its beauty.  How the rays of light shined across the bend of the red petals and I felt complete happiness in its presence. I want to dye my hair red and be reminded every day of how beautiful and expressive things can be”.    A little taken for a moment there, one by one the white haired people shared in this thought about things they had seen that made them feel something special.  Inspired, one of the white haired people shared that she had seen in another village a woman crushing berries and using the red juices to color ribbon.  Another shared a willingness to assist in trying it.  Another heard that willingness and asked if she’d do hers too.  And like wild fire, excitement grew throughout the village of this new and exciting expression that anyone could be a part of.  And thus dying hair red became “socially acceptable”.

Here’s the difference.  When a thought is expressed, depending on level of self-awareness and inner peace, it is expressed from a space. 

When a thought is expressed from a space of fear (where you pull away from what you really want in order to avoid what others think – which really just brings the likelihood of that occurrence closer to you)… this place of fear is what has you sputter something out, in desperation to get it out there… but has it not be fully expressed the way you know in your heart for it to be.  The recipient feels the push towards your idea, and has no choice but to resist it.   

When a thought is expressed from a space of love, peace, expression and growth… There is no push or pull, but growth.  In the enrollment of others, where they can actually see for themselves the idea as it occurs for you…. Has them want to grow as well, and leave behind the small part of themself that previously wouldn’t have been open to experiencing something new. 

The growth is not possible, within just you.  We are truly connected and require one another in order for us to experience things and personally grow.   That is why They are more important than You are (even in typing that I feel my identity resist it… and thus I KNOW, it’s true).  We are so blindingly vain in our worthiness, that we really do think that “OUR” life is about us and us alone.   

You will only get it, when you give it to them.  Consider the possibility…. That that is how it really works. 

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