Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JLS in each of us

Heaven is here and now, in every present moment.  We create our level, our plane of awareness, our space with our words and then our actual actions.  We create what we've already created over and over again and get nowhere OR we create endlessly Everything Else.  And the world opens up to us when we create things that are not based on what we already know. 
Create and recreate through language, beyond all that is predictable.  If it’s predictable, you've already done it and are living solely in your head, not out here in reality.  Real reality is everything but predictable.  It’s endless possibility and the only rules that confine us are the collective agreements in our surroundings and Only those if we tell ourselves we lack the courage to create, grow and harvest new agreements.  Which is a complete possibility; only ourselves and our self doubt get in the way.  Those can be moved out of the way as easily as they occur, when you choose not to resist doing so.
We are not disconnected from those trapped in their bird cage, or those free, or those that have pieces of the puzzle we too will find. We're all shared space, all the planes of awareness are shared, it's all one and the same...  It's not even a matter of being bigger than ourselves, it’s something else completely.  It is not This, it is That.
There is a plane of awareness on the horizon, where all the shared energy will take the fearless flight together.  All the freed birds and what they will create as one; will be a shift in the world the way we know it... 
It's essential we go back to those we can and set them free by showing another way.  Otherwise a day will come that we will no longer have a vessel called Earth.  Some of those waiting blindly to be free, have a voice that can reshape millions with a single sentence (ex."I have a dream").  
This way of being is shown, not said… It’s experienced, not taught… and It’s known, not just believed.  The words are a reflection only; they bring people closer to the idea but not to the freedom itself.  There are no words to convey a sense of freedom that is real beyond another person’s current comprehension.  So, in light of that… Just Be You.  Be you well… and Lead The Way.
That may not be said directly in the book, but I see it, it's there... it's in the white space after the last published line.  Look closer.

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