Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Let's Pretend...

Consider the art of our universe works as shared space.  To keep the balance a Yin = Yang.... a Win = a Lose.... a Nothing = a Everything.... a Give = a Get... a Push = a Resistance.  Just as they flow left to right, they also flow right to left…. and when areas are coupled, work independent of one another because even those different areas require balance as part of a whole too.  Don’t think too hard on that last line yet, just get the basic balance of the equal statements for now… and then take those into consideration before you act big… that’s a good place to start.  You’ll see results.

This balance is why: when nothing is sought, everything is found and when everything is sought nothing is found.
For more layman reference, this is why you feel empowered when you do something totally new to you… because in the courage you create to have that new experience, you are neither resisting nor pushing.  You instead are Growing.  Which if you read deeply into the first paragraph, I’ll answer the question:  Yes, growing too has a balance (it’s ALL connected).  When you grow, you release a part of your Self from being who you’ve always been.  See?  When you push aside who you’ve been (to experience something new), you pull towards yourself another way of being.  
This is why when you give yourself, you get yourself (for many this practice is a huge experience the first time you do it, as it may be the first time you experience something truly Selfless and thus the first time you truly experience Self).  The example in reverse is, how most people operate…  They think they have to get it, in order to give it…  (We have it backwards.  We only get it, when we give it.)
If you imagine we all have strings tied to us, to our body, our words, our actions… and if we Push to the Left with our actions, the world sways left with us all the way around until eventually on the right the result occurs… a Pull to the Right.  You get no where by resisting the natural sway of connectivity.  “Resisting” has a counter balance too and typically results in an impact to the person’s emotional state based on past experience and what they relate the new experience to.  If you are pulling the strings towards yourself in a futile attempt to “get it”… you are moving away from the ability to “give it”… Because you make it about you, when you even know you want it to be about them.  Instead try creating it for them… “give it”,  moving the strings outward, and when the cycle is complete you will have found you “get it” (and even more so than expected).  This balance of the shared space is why you get back from the world exactly what you’re trying to avoid… Because it’s all connected.  You pull away from the things you are avoiding… which actually moves them closer to you.  
If at this point, in your reading… you think I’m insane.   That’s cool, I get that.  At least it’s got you thinking about your view of insanity! =)  Let’s set that aside though, and Play a game.  Play a game, called “let’s pretend”.  Let’s pretend, in an exploration together… that maybe the world does work this way as I’ve described.  And look around for it.  Look around for it in your world, your daily happenings.  When you see it, I encourage you to be courageous and go to it.  Go straight for the direction you think you should avoid.  When you’re not running from it, it’s not chasing after you.  Remember the strings???  It’s all connected.  So… in being courageous and going towards your fear, towards your discomfort… you will find on the other side of the cycle something really new and exciting you’ve not gotten before.  
Share with me what you find, when you have actions that are completely opposite of the way you’ve always been.    Play the game.   It’s just a blog game…  what could it hurt? =)

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